Welcome to Yoga Sanjivani, your ultimate destination to get corporate wellness yoga workshops and workplace yoga programs. With 310+ corporates served and 20750+ employees satisfied, we specialize in providing exceptional corporate yoga services tailored to meet the unique needs of corporate settings.

With our corporate yoga sessions, we bring the rejuvenating power of yoga directly to your office. With certified corporate yoga instructors that are skilled in conducting invigorating yoga classes that can be seamlessly integrated into your busy work schedule.

Our office yoga are customizable to accommodate various skill levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and benefit from the practice.

To empower your employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We educate and give interactive sessions, covering a range of topics such as stress management, mindfulness, and enhancing productivity through corporate yoga techniques.

As a leading provider of corporate yoga, Yoga Sanjivani is dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

Corporate Yoga

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At Yoga Sanjivani, learn “Chair Yoga”. The new form of Yoga is getting popular among corporate workers. The aim of the stretch exercise is to encourage office goers to get the benefits of Yoga. This is a Yoga for everybody. No matter what is your age and mobility problem, the Yoga postures are easy to perform. Just sit on your chair and perform Yoga exercise.

Our focus is to provide the best Chair yoga for corporates so that they can perform it confidently without any guidance. We have a team of expert trainers who will guide you step by step. Practicing Yoga regularly provides great relief from stress, fatigue, and pain. It also helps in joint lubrication, balance, body posture and age-specific issues like arthritis. Looking at the multiple benefits of Chair Yoga, we have listed the Yoga under corporate packages. We understand how stressful to spend 9 hours in the four walls of the cubicle. Continuous work pressure and same postures make you tired. You can practice corporate chair Yoga for just half-an-hour to find relief from work pressure and body posture.

We provide best chair yoga for corporates and also provide Chair yoga for corporates beginners who don’t have much idea of yoga. We are specialized in offering the program at our center & also visit corporate offices & busineses. You can get the service at your home also. Give us one call to book your Chair Yoga trainer to your home. Under expert guidance, it will be easy for you to perform all types of Yoga exercises.

chair Yoga

Call our team now on : +91 9891813142

International enquiries please call : +91 8750332244

Our time planning programs are designed to impact all aspects of both professional and personal life – read the highlights of our time management training program below:

People – A two-minute method to immediately improve the value derived from every relationship

Projects – Timely completion of your most important project activities to advance your goals

Organization – Improved productivity through quick, effective planning & organization tools.

Delegation – Much more effective and timely delegation

Follow Through – A tool for preventing anything from falling through the cracks.

Focus – Staying in focus despite interruptions, increased value from each personal interaction

Goal Accomplishment – Connecting daily activities to your work and life goals

Listening – Using listening time much more effectively

Communications – Reducing the time delays and value lost by miscommunications

Listening – Using listening time much more effectively

Procrastination – Escape the “As Soon As Trap” that so often defeats most other time management training

Control – More control and value from your time and your life

Success – More every day Achievement and Enjoyment on and off the job

Time management training
  • Controlling information overload
  • The tips for staying calm and in focus despite uncertainty
  • Mastering the choice and change challenge
  • Reduced stress through improved organization
  • Saving time and reducing stress with improved listening
  • How to reduce stress in others
  • How to create important time just for you
  • More stability & happiness from areas you can control
  • Avoiding the “As Soon As Trap”

Stress Management Training Benefits to Your Organization

  • Reduced negative organizational stress
  • Increased individual productivity and responsibility
  • Better team communications and morale
  • Retention of valued employees
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Stress Management Training Benefits to the Individual

  • Reduced personal stress
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased productivity
  • Connecting better to family & friends
  • More value, balance & happiness every day

We all know that the stressful environment of offices brings changes in the behavior of workers. It may lead to anger, agitation, anxiety, short temper, and jealousy.

The behavioral changes influence one’s work quality and family lives. Instead of living happily, you start showing temper. If you have seen negative behavioral changes in yourself, consult Yoga Sanjivani. We try to treat the problem with holistic ways because there is no medicine in the world that can cure the problem. Our focus is to counsel you psychologically and Yoga exercises like meditation, Surya Namaskar etc. We, in fact, use a variety of therapies to help you get out from negative behavior. Our professionals will reinforce desirable behaviors and keep you motivated to follow their advice.

At Yoga Sanjivani, we try to understand the problems you are facing these days, so that customized program can be arranged. We aim to find out specific mental issues to work on eliminating it. Slowly and steadily, you can notice remarkable changes in your life.

Join Yoga Sanjivani center for behaviour counseling or call us for doorstep services. We have a large network of expert counselors who dare to take every approach to lead you stress-free and happy lifestyle. A number of corporate workers have been benefited with us. Hurry to join us before the negative behaviour can become uncontrolled.

Behavior counseling