At Yoga Sanjivani, we offer a wide range of therapeutic programs, all designed to elevate you to a higher state of physical, emotional and mental wellness. Take time to call our Reception Team today, to ascertain which program would best suit you, to help achieve your personal health. We are at your service. Yoga Sanjivani specialises in bringing health, happiness and success to individuals and business alike across India and out.

We work with you to establish a culture focussed on positive outcomes through providing fitness and health programs, fitness/wellness design and setup, state of the art technology for Yoga and Meditation, right through to arranging large chair Yoga events, lunchtime Laughter, corporate seated self massage for back and neck and more.

Our Physical, Social, Emotional, Work, Spiritual Values, Intellectual lives along with our Cultural values, Environment and Finances all impact upon each other and our overall balance – our Wellness. A wellness lifestyle is the commitment and approach adopted by an individual aiming to reach their highest potential

Why Choose Us?

  • Yoga Sanjivani is a prominent Yoga center in Gurgaon, successfully running for more than 8 years.
  • Our organization is flexible to offer classes at our center and your home.
  • Flexible hours of classes to fit your timing and encourage you to stay healthy.
  • We have a large group of expert trainers who guide you step by step. They will keep you motivated and energized by providing the right guidance.
  • Our center is specialized in providing classes to women and men of all age groups.
  • Group learning is encouraged by us to keep you motivated towards leading a healthy life.
  • Yoga for corporates, Yoga for children and Personal Yoga are provided to targeted everyone in society.
  • We include innovative Yoga exercises like Chair Yoga, Bandha, Pranayama and much more to provide the best results.
  • Our services are affordable.
  • Considering your problems, we customize Yoga and other natural ways to provide the best holistic treatment.
  • For children, our Yoga, meditation and counseling programs effective.
  • Your satisfaction is our remuneration.
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