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At Yoga Sanjivani, we offer a wide range of therapeutic programs, all designed to elevate you to a higher state of physical, emotional and mental wellness. Take time to call our Reception Team today, to ascertain which program would best suit you, to help achieve your personal health. We are at your service. Yoga Sanjivani specialises in bringing health, happiness and success to individuals and business alike across India and out.

We work with you to establish a culture focussed on positive outcomes through providing fitness and health programs, fitness/wellness design and setup, state of the art technology for Yoga and Meditation, right through to arranging large chair Yoga events, lunchtime Laughter, corporate seated self massage for back and neck and more.

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Our time planning programs are designed to impact all aspects of both professional and personal life


At Yoga Sanjivani, you get a complete range of Ayurveda & Panchakarma services.


The principles of Naturopathy were first used by the Hippocratic School of Medicine in about 400 BC.


Yogasanjivani is one of the most prominent yoga centers in Gurgaon, running successfully for more than 5 years..


At Yoga Sanjivani, we try our best to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. However, the program is for short-term, comprising multiple benefits.


At Yoga Sanjivani, we start training from the basic to advance. Our Yoga trainers are expert to provide step by step guidance.

Corporate Yoga Information

Who can Join Our Center?

Our Yoga health center is for everyone despite age, caste, and profession. Housewives, retired personals, corporate workers and children can get training from us. Those who are interested in making their career in Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Spa or any kind of natural remedies, can also join our center.

How to Get Our Services?

We provide Yoga and other holistic services at our Yogasanjivani center in Gurgaon. We are also flexible to provide these services at your doorstep. We offer Daily, Weekly & Monthly Classes. You will get classes in a group at our center. Step by step instructions is provided by expert trainers.

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International Yoga Day Celebration

International Yoga Day Celebration- For employees who are unable to manage time for fitness, can take this benefit at their workplace. We keep delaying our fitness plans for some reason or other. By practicing yoga asanas at office, atleast the employees got to know about the basics so that they can perform easily at home later.

Companies are adding yoga at workplace to boost productivity

Companies are adding yoga at workplace to boost productivity-  Yoga is not only the greatest stress buster, but it is also an effective therapy option.