Yoga Tourism

Yoga Tourism- A New Approach

Yogasanjivani is inviting you for a unique program called “Yoga Tourism.” The aim of the service is to leave behind the hectic and stressful daily life. It is all about to look for peacefulness and spiritualism with the help of Yoga. We are organizing Yoga tourism to help find inner peace and the curiosity about who you are.

Key Highlights of the Program

Spiritual Journey

Purify your body and mind with a spiritual journey. We organize your living arrangement in an Ashram. Most of the time you spend in rigorous physical exercises and mind purification. The day is dedicated to Yoga, Meditation, and Praying. You will be on a strict vegetarian diet, and Ayurvedic treatment is followed.

Travel for Pleasure and Yoga

In the journey, we mix fun with Yoga. Pack your baggage and switch to an exciting destination for fun as well as Yoga exercises.  It also combines cultural visits and various types of activities to rejuvenate your mind.

Beauty plus Yoga

It is one a kind unique tourism program where we promote beauty with Yoga. The program involves various types of Ayurvedic beauty treatments, spa, and Yoga exercises to get back your body glow.

What are you waiting for? Join the Yoga Tourism service at Yogasanjivani. It will bring remarkable changes in your life. The concept has benefited a number of people now it is your turn.