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Yoga for Children

Yoga for children is a way to develop body awareness, body language, listening skills, cooperation with others and powers of observation among children. It also helps children to learn easily the names of all parts of the body, their locations, and functions.

This makes the children to become couch potatoes and, in real, causes a danger of health related problems. This is an ideal time for children to begin a yoga practice. The recent study shows that yoga for kids provides benefits for all ages of children.

Yoga for children also prepares them the breathing techniques that are used by the adults in yoga. For example, a yoga instructor practices the bridge pose with his small kids and when he is doing the pose, the child crawls under him making noises like a boat. So let us look at the way that is helping the adult. It keeps them in the present, which is one of the goals of yoga. Presenting the yoga pose before his son and teaching proper breathing exercises will help the kid to become an active and healthy adult.

Benefits of Childrens Yoga:

1. Builds their confidence and self-esteem.
2. Improves their powers of concentration and focus.
3. Develops their brain and intellect.
4. Excellent for their bodies and health. Promotes balance, flexibility,fitness coordination and strength.
5. Helps them cope with stress and difficult emotions.
6. Develops their creativity and imagination.
7. Sharpens and expands their awareness.
8. Helps them develop calmness.

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