Yogasanjivani is one of the most prominent yoga centers in Gurgaon, running successfully for more than 5 years. The aim of the center is to make Yoga as an integral part of your life to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are specialized in offering prenatal and postnatal Yoga practices. Our expert trainers will guide you at every step.

Why Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga?

Prenatal is the period when a mother-to-be needs a regular check-up to prevent potential health issues. Postnatal is the phase right after the birth of a child. In both stages, Yoga provides immense benefits.

When your body prepares for the baby’s birth, it is necessary to maintain the core strength along with flexibility and stability. Yoga has many postures that help pregnant ladies to prepare for the big day. Yoga helps to reduce the stress and gives a mental peace.

Right after the birth of your baby, you need postnatal Yoga exercises to get back your previous shapes. Yoga is safer than gym exercises during the postnatal period.

How Does Yogasanjivani Help You?

Under the guidance of Surender Chaudhary, the yoga center is helping women to get out from the stress of prenatal and postnatal problems. He has a team of active Yoga teachers who provide training at the Yogasanjivani Center. We also provide the service at your doorstep.

Our trainers have extensive knowledge of all types of Yoga exercises. They know the types of Yoga exercises are excellent for pre and postnatal periods. You will be in the safe hands.