If your child is monkey mind, stressful because of studies, lacking confident or going to face puberty challenges, meditation will be one of the best remedies for him/her. A child with money mind has a concentration problem. They don’t concentrate on their studies which often lead to poor performance. Some children face a lack of confidence in many fields including sports and academic. If your kid is at the stage of adolescent and is very emotional, he/she can be easily influenced by society. For these children, meditation is one of the best solutions. It helps to stabilize the mind, increases concentration, endows mind with positive thoughts and de-stress the mind.

Why Yogasanjivani for Meditation?

At Yogasanjivani, we assist children to practice meditation with focus and dedication. We follow different techniques of meditation to let you find the technique in which you are comfortable. Our Yoga experts anlyse your goals and let you practice meditation accordingly.

Our meditation techniques include-

  • Focused attention meditation
  • Open monitoring meditation
  • Zen meditation
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Loving Kindness and much more

Get the meditation training at our center in a group or you can get the service at your doorstep. We have a large network of Yoga trainers that provide Yoga training at flexible hours.