Chair Yoga for Corporate Workers

At Yogasanjivani, learn “Chair Yoga”. The new form of Yoga is getting popular among corporate workers. The aim of the stretch exercise is to encourage office goers to get the benefits of Yoga. This is a Yoga for everybody. No matter what is your age and mobility problem, the Yoga postures are easy to perform. Just sit on your chair and perform Yoga exercise.

Our focus is to provide the best training on Chair Yoga to corporate workers so that they can perform it confidently without any guidance. We have a team of expert trainers who will guide you step by step. Practicing Yoga regularly provides great relief from stress, fatigue, and pain. It also helps in joint lubrication, balance, body posture and age-specific issues like arthritis. Looking at the multiple benefits of Chair Yoga, we have listed the Yoga under corporate packages. We understand how stressful to spend 9 hours in the four walls of the cubicle. Continuous work pressure and same postures make you tired. You can practice Chair Yoga for just half-an-hour to find relief from work pressure and body posture. Join us today!

We are specialized in offering the program at our center. You can get the service at your home also. Give us one call to book your Yoga trainer to your home. Under expert guidance, it will be easy for you to perform all types of Yoga exercises.