Children are like soft clay. You can shape your child the way you want. In case you notice negative behavioural changes in your kid, it will be better to consult a child counselor for behavioural counseling before it’s too late. The environment is responsible for negative changes. Your kid can indulge in fighting with pals, not listening to elders, paying no attention to studies and abusing others. Bullying, physical abuse, losing a near one and negligence from parents can cause changes in the behaviour. No matter whatever the reason for behavioural changes, your child can live a normal life with the help of behaviour counseling.

Yogasanjivani for Child Counseling

At Yogasanjivani, we consider every child special. Customized counseling services are offered after anlysing the condition of your child. We have a team of expert counselors who can read the child’s mind very well. They slowly and steadily get your child back to the normal state. It is a kind of therapy where we set up five important goals.

  • Building the child’s self-esteem
  • Helping to improve the child’s communication skills
  • Instill positive thoughts
  • Encourage the child to choose the right path where a happy life is waiting for him
  • Learn the art to control your mind

The therapy session is organized as per your flexibility. You can consult us to get the therapy at our center or at home.