Basic Yoga Exercises for Kids

Do you want to inculcate healthy habits in kid’s lifestyle? Join Yogasanjivani to see remarkable changes. We are specialized in Yoga for kids. From basic to advanced Yoga is taught at our center. We have a team of expert Yoga trainers to guide kids step by step. Our basic Yoga exercises are designed for all Yoga beginners. We aim to encourage kids to practice Yoga daily and make it an integral part of their daily routine. Yoga has enormous health benefits. If it is started from the tender age, it will make your kid lifestyle healthy.

We have a large network of Yoga specialists who can teach Yoga at your home. The whole family can learn Yoga at home or center. We have customized Yoga plans for everyone looking at their age, gender and flexibility.

Why Basic Yoga Exercises for Kids?

The body of kids is flexible to attempt many different types of Yoga. With the help of Yoga, they can keep themselves energized, active and focused. Our basic Yoga plan includes meditation to improve focus. We include Surya Namaskar to improve posture. Our basic plan for Yoga is well suitable for beginners.

Why Yogasanjivani?

We are specialized in Yoga training to kids.

  • Providing flexible hour teaching to let you continue your stretch exercises
  • Our basic Yoga plan covers a number of stretch exercises to provide maximum benefit
  • Training from well-trained Yoga trainers only