We all know that how stressful it is to live in the corporate work environment where you find yourself dealing with many challenges and deadlines. Gradually, the stress takes shapes of anger which comes up as a big obstacle in the path of your success. At Yogasanjivani, you can learn the art of anger management through holistic ways. Our anger management program comprises those Yoga exercises which are very helpful in suppressing anger and keeping your mind calm.

We have a team of experts Yoga trainers who analyse your problems and customize the Yoga poses that can really give benefits to you. Our focus is to control your Tamas like heaviness, laziness, and materiality. We aim to inculcate RAJAS (passion, energy, activity, and movement) and SATTVA (balance, awareness, harmony and wellness).

Our Yoga exercises include Svadhyaya (study yourself), Saucha (practicing healthy and clean eating), Lsvara Pranidhana (belief in yourself to achieve big), Pranayama (balancing body and releasing anger) and much more. Consult us today for getting training at your home or at our Yoga center. We have a large network of the active Yoga community.